Infrastucture (DOB)

M.Sc class rooms - 02

M.Sc Laboratory- 01


The library serves to support the curriculum and the research of the faculty and students. The department library consists of more tha 1200 printed books pertaining to Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetic Engineering, Physiology, Food &Nutrition, Biostatistics etc. The collection of the library is well organized and classified for the optimum use of it. All the admitted students in our college are member of our library after showing their Admission Receipt in the library and can avail all library facilities.

Laboratory facilities:

The Biochemistry lab is well equipped with basic as well as modern & sophisticated instruments to carry out biochemical & analytical work.

Department is having different instruments like spectrophotometer (UV-Vis), electrophoresis units (agarose &, PAGE), freezer, incubator (CO2, BOD), compound microscope, laminar air flow ,incubator shaker, Digital PH meter, Digital electronic balance, Chromatoghaphic chamber, Oven, Micro pipettes and centrifuges. Provision of health and safety measures for the laboratory students and researchers has also been made.  

The students are getting hands on training in the basic areas like Biochemical techniques including estimation of biochemical compounds, isolation and identification of microorganism in different environmental samples, and biological samples.

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