Department of Commerce (DCom)

Dr. K. Prabhakar Rao


Commerce and Management has been gaining a monumental place in the growing corporate world especially in the age of globalization. In fact, Commerce and Management has evolved to be the determining factor for success or otherwise of the corporate entity. Against this backdrop, the Universities, the seats of higher learning are forced to line and adopt themselves with this worked phenomenon in the field of Management.

AcharyaNagarjuna University has appreciably responded to this vibrant and paradigm shifts in the domain of Commerce and Management and started the department of Commerce in the year 2003.i.e.the programme of Mcom from the academic year 2003-04 with an intake of 30 students and the programme of MBA from 2004-05 with an intake of 60 students and from then onwards, the department has been training well with an over wheluming response from the society.

The course structure and syllabus of the Mcomprogramme was designed taking the academic strengths. In this existence of more than one and half decade, it has turned out to one of the leading departments in the instuition.

From 2011 the instuition is under the purview of KRISHNA UNIVERSITY and named as KRUDr.MRARPGCentre so far, the department has produced number of merit students who occupied, decent and higher posts in both in public & private sectors.

The particulars of the faculty of the department, who served AcharyaNagarjuna University and have been working now in KRISHNA UNIVERSITY, are given below: