Department of Chemistry (DOC)

Prof. M.V. Basaveswara Rao

Head of the Department

The Department of Chemistry was established in November 1977 with Synthetic Chemistry as specialization. The Department of Chemistry offersM.Sc., Analytical Chemistry programme (Regular course) with an intake of 36 students. The Department has started M.Sc., Organic Chemistry programme  with an intake of 36 students from the academic year 2013-14 onwards.

The Department of Chemistry also offers research programme leading to award of full-time and part-time M.Phil and Ph.D., programmes from the academic year 1980-81. Admissions into the research programees are based on the Andhra Pradesh Research Common Entrance Test (APRCET) organized by Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) and admission counseling by the University concerned.

The Department of Chemistry is actively involved in research in environmental studies, preparation and characterization of catalysts, ultrasonic studies in binary liquid mixtures and development of new spectrophotometric methods for the determination of different groups of drugs. The department is also actively involved in the investigations for developing low cost materials for defluoridatioin methods for drinking water. Besides these investigations, the department intends to develop novel spectrophotometric methods for the determination of different groups of drugs such as anti tuberculosis drugs, antibiotics, antiuretics and anti inflammatory drugs etc.,

The Department handled two major research projects. The Department has awarded 35 Ph.D. Degrees and 100 M.Phil. degrees. The faculty members of the department published more than 200 research papers in National and International journals. The Department entered into MOU with two industries. The Department has conducted several national symposium/seminars various topic of interest in the field of chemistry. The alumni of the department got gold medals and they occupied several important positions in educational and research institutions like Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP), Dehradun, National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad, Laurus Pharma, Vishakapatnam and various reputed Pharmaceutical industries.